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Apostle Paul - Satan In The Flesh

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The apostle Paul was quite clearly, SATAN COME IN THE FLESH from the scriptures. He is the author of ALL christian heresy recorded from the days just after Christ to now. He didnt have an 'infirmity', a 'sickness' or malady as lying 'pasturds' proclaim, he was DEMON POSESSED as its clearly illustrated in his canons and the eytmology. He WAS, IS NOT, AND YET IS that very "antichrist" spoken of by John in his canons. He is THE BEAST of revelation, and MILLIONS if not billions over the last 2000 years have been MARKED with his lies, hypocrises, "virulent evil' in their minds/forheads and served with their right hands. He is the author of ROMAN CATHOLICISM, He was the first bishop of the church in Rome, who ordained Linus as first Pope. He conspired with Simon Peter for the overthrow of "the way" implemented in Acts ch.15. He was a member of Herods house, he was around BEFORE Christ was crucified and played a main character role in his betrayal, death, and eventual destruction of Christs disciples of "the way" right after Christs death and resurrection. He is that very "prince of this world" who Christ warned soon came after his death. Paul foisted every jewish heresy in the OT into his canons including dispensationalism (Isa.ch.48), baalism (aka trinitarianism), gnosticism, mysticism etc. He was in league with church and state of Rome to have the true religion of Christ utterly wiped out. He never knew Jesus, neither did he know the scriptures for almost all of his canons are based upon ORAL TRADITION (aka talmudic) phariseeism. His gospel is that of DEATH AND HELL (Isa.ch.28) and his name literally is DEATH in the book of revelation (Rev.6:8). His very NUMBER and MARK is 666 of revelation. He is the author of the TARES reffered to by Christ which illustrates conclusively that Pauls works were in operation BEFORE Jesus was crucified. HE IS THE VERY "ANTICHRIST', SATAN COME IN THE FLESH.

Precisely 66 generations from Adam to Paul of Tarsus
6 is the number of man
His canons which are 13 within 22 'glosses'/general epistles equals 66.6% of the NT


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