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Habakkuk and Hosea Warned Us About Paul

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Shattering Myths September 4, 2015 - Hour 2

If you are a Christian, open your eyes! A look at Hosha / He Saves / Hosea 13:14, wherein Yahowah clearly refers to Christianity's Shaul of Tarsus, aka Saint Paul, by name.

Sheol is eternal life away and separation from God, away from Yahowah. It is not death.

In Habakkuk the name Shaul / Saul / Paul is referenced throughout as egotistical, arrogant, that his audience is gentiles, that Paul is a homosexual and that he is opposed to circumcision.

Believing in the false Apostle Paul is the Plague of Death as warned of in Habakkuk.

Jerimiah / Yirmeyah is written to gentiles to condemn religion, including Christianity and Judiasm.

Epraim represents religious rebellion against Yahowah (YHWH).

Yahowah tells us that He is saving us from the Plague of Paul and Christianity.

Pauline Christianity leads to the death of the soul for its victims.

Christians want to be "saved", yet it is God (YHWH) who saves us from Christianity.

Connections between Saul / Paul and King Saul. The danger of politics.

God does not have a Bible, it is the name of a Pagan sun goddess Biblia.

Why you should stop praying to God, and start listening instead. (Sorry about the typo in the picture where it says "stop stop" instead of "should stop")

The connections between Bible and Babel. Notice the root BBL in both.
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